The Potting Tray stores neatly inside the bin when not in use.


The Potting Caddy is perfect for use inside or outside, the perfect table top potting system.


Inside; you can start your garden or re-pot plants with no mess in the warmth and comfort of

your own home.


Outside; The Potting Caddy replaces those expensive, bulky, wood Potting Benches that use up valuable patio space and will rot away.


Working at your mothers house, gardening club, or church? Take your Potting Caddy along with you and breeze through your work.


Makes a great gift for any Gardener!


The potting basket measures 19" X 16 " X 4" Deep.

The soil tub measures 19" X 24 1/4" X 9 1/2" Deep.


Every POTTING CADDY includes: a heavy-duty soil bin, a vinyl coated steel wire potting/watering tray, and a weatherproof cover!


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